TMB Asbestos Services

TMB Asbestos Services provide independent asbestos advice and consultancy services in respect of asbestos training, surveying, removal and management. 

I am an auditor for the IATP in respect of basic awareness and non licensed asbestos training.

Auditing service

As an auditor for basic awareness and non licensed asbestos training I can carry out impartial audits on behalf of the IATP.


1986 - 2020

Worked in the technical department of Bernicia Homes

2003 - 2020 

Responsible for asbestos management including training, organising asbestos surveying and asbestos abatement services. 

Having worked with asbestos since 2003 I have a wealth of experience in all aspects of asbestos consultancy services. 


P402, 405 and 407 BOHS Qualification with F.A.A.M Membership

Trevor Martin Berry

Asbestos Consultant

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